Freak Band


band ini dibuat pada tanggal 26 Februari 2013, dan band ini beraliran rock dan alternative, logo yang saya buat ini terinspirasi oleh logo Avenged Sevenfold dan Yo Dawg dari Meme Comic

Nama Tanggal Lahir Posisi
Vannesa Joshina Wantah 30 Januari 2000 Lead Vocal
Steven Alexander 29 September 2000 Guitarist
Chris Adriel Jonathan 04 Januari 2000 Back Vocal ( scream, and growl + Bassist
Eglantino Remmy 18 Mei 2000 Drummer

One thought on “Freak Band

  1. Wow — I thought making all of those trips was a pain in the NECK!!! As well as other parts of my body…Anyway, don’t buy the kit, just keep making phone calls. It’ll take a while to get it all done, but I’ve found that most businesses don’t care. I think because so many people are living together or not taking each others’ names when they do get married…most businesses don’t care…I mean, they’ll change your name in their system, but some have just taken my word for it with no documentation — kind of scary! I think the other advice given is good — mostly it just takes time. Good luck! Come on

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